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I had planned to blog a few times while we were on holiday, but for different reasons it didn’t happen. It was actually good to have a break from the Internet for a while (note to self – try to do this more often!).

Like all of our trips to Italy, our summer holidays very much centred around food, but thankfully this time we came back more or less the same weight as we were when we left (we had a Christmas and New Year in Italy a few years back where we both came back a couple of kilos heavier!).

Nicholas discovered grissini (breadsticks) and loved the fact he could use them as edible spoons.

It’s become a tradition that whenever we go to Sardinia, hubby’s cousins that were born in the same year (there are four of them the same age!) get together for dinner and one of them roasts a suckling pig. The piglet is slowly spit-roasted in front of a fire, rather than over it, for several hours and is always amazingly succulent. Served on a bed of myrtle branches, it’s a typical Sardinian dish.

We also went to the wedding of our dearest friends. They got married in a spectacular location in Liguria. As expected, the food was delicious, and running around after Nicholas made it much easier not to overindulge on all the delectable nibbles before dinner (pacing yourself is super important for an Italian wedding!). I just had to share their wedding cake; a fabulously fresh fruit tart that was the perfect way to end an afternoon and evening of eating.

While I’m glad to be home, I think my beach baby is going to miss playing in the sand and splashing in the water…

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  1. Wow, looks like you guys had an awesome trip! I have never been to Italy but I tell myself that when I do, I’m going to eat as much as I can! And yes, I loved not dealing with the internet world during vacations. I actually had very little downtime to even do so!


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