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Back to business as normal

A few of you emailed me last Thursday asking where my blog had gone. All you could see was a notice from WordPress saying their terms had been violated and so the blog had been suspended.

While I was waiting for WordPress to review the situation, I was going ‘AH!’, and scouring their terms and conditions for any possible unintentional wrongdoing on my part. Why is it we always feel guilty even if we haven’t done anything wrong? Or is that just me?!

Anyway, to cut the story short, I hadn’t done anything wrong. For some reason something triggered their automated anti-spam controls. I’ve been assured it won’t happen again and received an apology. While I wasn’t told what exactly triggered the suspension, at least we’re back to business again, and I can finish writing the recipe post I was working on!

Completely changing the subject to something much nicer, we went away for the weekend and enjoyed some wonderful family time together. Roberto did the driving experience I got him for Christmas, and had great fun trying a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. And we ate our way through the East Midlands Food and Drink Festival in Melton Mowbray.

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