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Cute lunches: penguin snow globe

Another Christmas-inspired snow globe lunch, this time featuring one of Nicholas’ favourite animals, an adorable penguin.cute lunches: penguin snow globe

What you need:
2 tortilla wraps (I used wholemeal ones)
blue food colouring
pastry brush
tortilla filling of your choice (I used cooked spinach and ricotta)
2 tbsp ricotta (or other cheese such as mozarella or cream cheese)
2 pitted black olives
1 slice of orange pepper


Using a small bowl as a template, cut out two circles from the tortilla wraps (mine were about 12cm in diameter). From the scraps, cut out one snow globe base and the trunk of the Christmas tree.

Mix 1 or 2 drops of blue food colouring with 2 tbsp water. Using a pastry brush, lightly paint one tortilla circle (don’t let it get too wet) and leave to dry.

Put your other circle on your serving plate and top with your filling. Place the base cut from the remaining pieces of tortilla at the bottom of your plate.

Once your coloured tortilla circle is dry, place it on top of your filling and spread some of the ricotta at the bottom for snow.

Cut one olive in half lengthways, then cut 6 thin strips from the sides. Using 4 strips, make the outline of the penguin’s round body and add its flippers. Cut the other olive in half lengthways and trim down the sides of one piece to form the penguin’s head.

Fill the penguin’s body with some ricotta and add two small dollops of ricotta for its eyes.

Cut a nose and feet from the orange pepper. Cut two small squares from the remaining olive piece to finish the eyes.

Finally, drop tiny dollops of ricotta around the penguin for the snow.

scrutinising his lunch

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