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Cute lunches: pasta Christmas tree

Seeing pesto-covered farfalle pasta yesterday made me think not of butterflies, but of lovely thick Christmas tree branches and I couldn’t resist making another Christmas-themed cute lunch!

pasta Christmas tree

What you need:
cooked farfalle pasta (I used 8 pasta shapes)
pesto sauce (or avocado pasta sauce)
a small piece of wholemeal tortilla (or bread)
1 slice of cheddar cheese
1 black olive
1 slice of orange pepper
1 slice of red pepper


Cut a trunk shape from the tortilla and place it on the plate.

Mix the pesto sauce through the cooked pasta. Starting from the bottom of the tree, place the pasta in a tree shape on the plate.

Cut a square from the slice of red pepper and a smaller square from the orange pepper. Put them next to the tree.

Finely dice the remaining pepper and scatter them over the tree.

Cut a star from the slice of cheese and place it on top of the tree.

Cut two thin strips of cheese and place them on the red pepper for ribbon.

Finally cut the olive in half lengthways and slice two thin strips from it. Place them on the orange pepper for ribbon.

inspecting the 'presents'

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