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Normal service will resume shortly

I’ve been pouring all of my creative energy into Nicholas’ second birthday while I’ve left my blog and you, my dear readers, to your own devices. Apologies for that and a big thank you for your continued support.

Of course it’s never just one thing at a time, so it hasn’t just been birthday planning, but hubby travelling a lot for work then getting his eyes lasered, the in-laws coming, the dreaded norovirus striking, me working more seriously on my ‘day’ job (which happens late at night), and Nicholas starting nursery part-time. I think that’s it!

But back to the important birthday. As usual I didn’t manage the ridiculous list of plans I’d hoped to achieve for Nicholas’ big day, but it was a wonderful and joyous day (and that’s all that matters). I have several posts related to our train-themed party in the pipe-line and I promise to get them out as soon as possible. I had so much fun making the cake more complicated than it needed to be that I simply have to share it with you!

In the meantime, keep cooking 🙂

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