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Cute Lunches: Easter Chicks

It’s almost Easter and I haven’t used my cute chick cutter yet. Until today!

Cute Lunch: Easter Chicks

There are lots of hard-boiled egg chicks on Pinterest to take inspiration from. Cutting off the top in the zig-zag pattern is actually much easier than I thought (use a sharp knife, don’t cut too deep and gently prise the top piece off). I used a small semi-circle of carrot for its beak and two small squares of cucumber for its eyes.

My chick cutter doesn’t work that well on seeded bread, so the chick features on the ham and cheese sandwiches are a little difficult to see. Easier to see on the sliced cheese, but rather difficult to peel the cheese off after pressing.

The Easter eggs are cheddar cheese with pieces of carrot to decorate.

Everything is on a bed of shredded lettuce.

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  1. This looks so cute! Perfect for kids to take to school this week for Easter. Thanks for sharing!


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