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Cute lunches: Chewbacca crumble

After the success of our Gruffalo crumble, I realised what a fabulous blank canvas a crumble can be. Not quite as portable as a cupcake, but just as good for decorating in a myriad of ways! Who’s with me to make crumbles as cute as possible? 🙂

In honour of Star Wars Day (May the fourth – get it?) and inspired by Lunchbox Dad’s amazing creation, I created Chewbacca crumble.

cute lunches chewbacca crumbleUse your preferred crumble topping over your little one’s favourite fruit. I was in a rush so roughly mashed some fresh mango and pear before sprinkling the crumble topping over. Chewbacca’s hair is made with licorice laces and I used a slice of licorice for his nose. His fangs are banana and his eyes are fruit buttons (I drew the details on with an edible pen).

Nicholas promptly ate all the licorice then asked for “more whiskers, please mummy!”.

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