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Before I met my husband, I thought I was a hoarder. But as I slowly discovered his need to keep things, I realised my hoarding had absolutely nothing on his!

Hubby has been slowly going through boxes that have been in storage (yay!) and I have to say that he has also been very good at throwing lots of stuff out. Many of the boxes he hasn’t opened since moving out of home and they’ve just relocated with him, so a lot of them are more like time capsules!

I’ve left him to it, but when he pulled out an old toy catalogue I had to grab it off him to look through it (I’m going through a nostalgic phase, and loving everything vintage and retro). It’s an Italian Mattel toy catalogue from Christmas 1982 (I certainly won’t tell you how old I was in 1982, but I was definitely old enough to have asked for some of these from Father Christmas) and these are some of my favourites, mainly food-related of course and all Barbie-related. And I’m making absolutely no comment regarding hubby hoarding things such as toy catalogues for so many years 😉

Vintage Mattel toy catalogue - Barbie's kitchen

Barbie’s American fridge and oven with built-in microwave

Barbie not only had an enormous American-style fridge freezer but also an oven with a built-in microwave above it. Whose family had those luxuries at the start of the 80s? I’m also very envious of Barbie’s long flowing pink dress which I must try to emulate the next time I’m cooking. I’m sure it would make the most mundane daily cooking tasks so much easier!

Barbie’s dining room

Barbie’s dining table and chairs are surprisingly modern. And the tea trolley may be old-fashioned now, but it’s super practical for being a great host.

And I couldn’t leave you without sharing this picture which just makes me think of the Toy Story short Hawaiian Vacation (why did we never question which side Ken batted for when he had outfits like this?!).

Vintage Mattel toy catalogue - roller skating Ken and Barbie

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