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The end of summer

We’ve just returned from our (late) summer holidays, hence my lack of posting for the last weeks. Before we left I did have the thought of posting while we were away, but now am very glad the Internet connection wasn’t great and I had a break from technology. It’s amazing how much it can take over our lives (or should I say, how much we let it), posting and uploading and commenting on our lives rather than enjoying life’s wonderful moments to the fullest as they happen.

We had an amazing two weeks in Marsa Alam, Egypt. The resort we stayed in had less than 10% occupancy which was great for us but terrible for the people trying to earn a living there. In fact our resort was one of only a few that was still open in the area.

Marsa Alam

I couldn’t keep my two beach boys out of the water and, once again, I was astounded by Nicholas’ tan which appeared on our second day and got darker and darker despite me constantly slathering him in high protection zinc cream!

Marsa Alam

Our holidays weren’t completely void of cooking. Nicholas and I had great fun making sands cakes and coral pasta, ‘cooking’ them on the boogie board one of the towel guys gave us :). And, of course, there was lots of eating including Nicholas’ first taste of crab (he especially enjoyed crunching on the claws) and lots of ice cream eating.

Marsa Alam

Even before he saw his papà go diving, Nicholas was so excited to see the divers and very quickly learnt how to say all the names of the equipment in English and Italian. His mantra for the holidays was ‘I want to go diving!’. When the lady at the passport control in London asked him what his favourite thing of the holidays was, he paused for a few seconds then exclaimed loudly, ‘Diving!’.

Marsa Alam

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