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Happy Australia Day 2014!

While I still fail to do anything particularly Aussie when Australia Day comes around every year, I did want to share some Australian-themed food today.

For those of you who want to be extra patriotic when eating, why not try to copy the flags in food created by an Australian advertising agency? Their Australian meat pie and sauce flag is perfect! Click the photo to see their other flags in food, but before you do, can you guess which foods they used for Italy, America, Greece or Japan?


I love following the many people on Instagram who create amazing bentos and cute food; they give me lots of inspiration and encouragement to attempt my own simple creations. I just discovered Lunarbell’s this past week. Sarah’s koala lunch is just the most adorable plate!


Finally, I created these lamington cupcakes a little while back. You can have the taste of an Aussie lamington with a lot less effort!National Cupcake WeekWishing you a Happy Straya Day!!!

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