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International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014

Pirate Pucco

Ahoy me hearties!

Yo ho ho and shiver me timbers, today be t’ best day o’ t’ year. Arr, aye, today be ‘International Talk Like a Pirate’ Day!

T’ celebrate I made Captain Nicholas a swashbuckling lunch with an extra surprise for snack time. Aye, dressin’ up like a pirate be one o’ his favourite things t’ do, so he was happy with his booty. Later he told he especially loved the jolly roger flag.

pirate lunch

pirate apple - aarrr!

The pirate schooner and sail are cut from a ham, cheese and spinach sandwich with a cheese mast on a sea of lettuce. I drew a jolly roger and the portholes with edible ink pens, and added a side of cherry tomatoes.

I precut the apple to make it easier for Nicholas to eat and put the pieces back together held with a rubber band to stop the pieces going brown. I then drew on the pirate face with an edible ink.

Batten down tโ€™ hatches and happy Pirate Day to ye!


Iโ€™m linking our pirate lunch up to Eats Amazingโ€™s Fun Food Friday, a weekly round-up of fun and creative food.



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  1. I wish Id had you to pack lunches for me when I was a kid! That sandwich ship is awesome. Nicholas looks cute as a button – Jamie never liked to dress up, so I will live vicariously through Nicholas!!

    • Thanks Di ๐Ÿ™‚ They don’t look like that every day! We had a period where Nicholas didn’t like dressing up which made dressing-up days at pre-school rather stressful, but now he’d happily wear his costumes ALL the time!!!

  2. wow thats grrrreat m’hearty!!! x


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