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Jamie’s Italian Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide


Source: Roberta Sorge, Unsplash

Having been lucky enough to have lived in Italy for a number of years and then marrying an Italian, the classic Mediterranean way of eating has become very much a part of my life, even after we moved to the UK. Its health benefits are well known and it’s for good reason that people from my husband’s stunning island of Sardinia have a better chance than anyone else in the world to reach, and even surpass, their 100th birthdays.

Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, but before living in Italy I had no idea how many different ways you can use it. Whizzed into a pesto, drizzled over a steak, mixed into mashed potato, used in a salad dressing or a marinade, are just some of the many many ways you can enjoy olive oil and its healthy benefits. But we haven’t even started talking about how many different types of olive oil there are, let alone which type is best for dipping or frying or drizzling or…!

Thankfully Jamie Oliver has come to the rescue. Jamie’s Italian have created a super practical Olive Oil Buyer’s Guide to help you fully appreciate this wonderful product. I have yet to try olive oil tasting but thanks to Jamie’s Guide I’m going to sound like a complete expert next time we have Italian friends over for dinner.


Also, unlike wine, olive oil doesn’t age well (use it rather than save it), and keep your oils away from sunlight and your hot cooking areas to keep them fresher longer.

This is a collaborative post with Jamie’s Italian; all words and opinions are my own.

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