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Cute Lunches: Panda Quesadillas

Nicholas can’t get enough of our new CuteZcute animal cutters and I’m enjoying experimenting with them (by the way this isn’t a sponsored post, just me sharing how much I love our new cute lunches gadget!).

Today we used them to make quesadillas (not sure if that’s the correct plural) filled with cheese and ham. The other day, on the CuteZcute’s Instagram feed, I saw the off-cuts being used to make a bow which I thought was a great idea, so I added those to our pandas.

CuteZcute bentoWe cut the shapes from a tortilla and spread them with butter. In a heated frying pan I placed the face with the cut-out features butter-side down. I then added ham to completely cover the cut-out features and some cheese before topping with the other piece of tortilla (butter-side up). Fry for a couple of minutes then carefully turn them over. Using an edible ink pen, colour in the leftover eye and ear shapes and place them to form a bow under your pandas.

Nicholas devoured these very quickly. I made more for tomorrow, but he discovered them while raiding the fridge for his afternoon snack and devoured those as well! At least he liked them.

I’m linking up to the lovely Grace’s Fun Food Friday on Eats Amazing, a weekly celebration of fun and creative food. Check out the other links for more creative inspiration.


Cute Lunches: Halloween Lunchbox

Nicholas had a Halloween party at preschool so I thought I should make him a spooky lunch to take. I still struggle making his packed lunches cute in the mornings (we’re a family who get up at the last possible minute!), but this one was quick.

Halloween bentoI made a ham and cheese sandwich, cutting out a ghost shape with a cookie cutter and adding some simple features with an edible ink pen. The jack o’lantern is cut from a slice of cheese and the bat is a savoury squash muffin baked in a Halloween themed silicon mould. To finish, there are some cherry tomatoes with bat picks.

I’m linking up with the lovely Eats Amazing’s Fun Food Friday! a weekly celebration of creative food. Check out the other linked up posts for fun inspiration.


Cute Lunches: Easter Chicks

It’s almost Easter and I haven’t used my cute chick cutter yet. Until today!

Cute Lunch: Easter Chicks

There are lots of hard-boiled egg chicks on Pinterest to take inspiration from. Cutting off the top in the zig-zag pattern is actually much easier than I thought (use a sharp knife, don’t cut too deep and gently prise the top piece off). I used a small semi-circle of carrot for its beak and two small squares of cucumber for its eyes.

My chick cutter doesn’t work that well on seeded bread, so the chick features on the ham and cheese sandwiches are a little difficult to see. Easier to see on the sliced cheese, but rather difficult to peel the cheese off after pressing.

The Easter eggs are cheddar cheese with pieces of carrot to decorate.

Everything is on a bed of shredded lettuce.