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Easter Food Inspiration

Easter is almost here. Let your imagination run wild and make something too cute for your munchkins to eat. Need some inspiration? Here are some of my favourites.

Easter Bunny Rolls

Easter Bunny Rolls from Taste of Home
How could you not smile if these little edible bunnies were on your table?

Easter egg popsicles

Easter Egg Popsicles by Kailo Chic
Kara’s use of plastic Easter eggs is brilliant. She uses fruit juice, but you could also
try flavoured yogurt, pureed fruit, lemonade, or pureed banana and Nutella.

Easter Egg Lunch

Easter Egg Lunch by Gluesticks
You don’t need to shape your food into complicated bunnies
or chicks, just put bite-sized morsels into plastic Easter eggs.
I love the simplicity of Brandy’s idea. She’s also gotten her kids
to go on an egg hunt to find their lunch!

Little Chick SandwichLittle Chicken Lunch by Little Bento Blog
I love the simplicity of Yvette’s little chicken with
its ham crest, and carrot legs and beak.
Check out her blog for other fabulous cute ideas for lunches.

Easter Bunny 1Easter Bunny Lunch by Creative Food Blog
I’m an avid reader of Michelle’s blog and love her creativity
(check out the Angry Birds party she’s just done for her daughter).
Her bunny with its banana ears is just the cutest thing on a plate!


Baby Chick Marshmallow Treats by Living Locurto
Amy’s chicks are so cute and yet so easy to make, and a nice sweet Easter treat.
All you need are marshmallows, jellybeans, some icing and an edible food pen.
(Leave out the toothpick legs for little mouths).

Marzipan-filled Easter Pastries

Marzipan-filled Easter Pastries by Sweetapolita

Rosie’s Maltese pastries are stunning. Even if you don’t have the time to make
them, you could use them as inspiration for your own decorated bunny cookies.
While Rosie used piped stiff icing for her fluffy bunny tails, I love the idea of
using mini meringues (mini easter eggs would be cute too).

Cute Lunches: Easter Bunny

I couldn’t make a cute lunch for Nicholas without the Easter bunny, especially as rabbits are his favourite animal.

Cute Lunches Easter BunnyThe rabbit is a peanut butter sandwich using an egg-shaped cookie cutter for his head and two thin strips of bread folded on each other for ears. Raisins form the eyes and nose, slithers of carrot his whiskers and he has cheese front teeth.

The idea for the coloured devilled egg comes from FOODjimoto’s blog. Her coloured eggs are much prettier (having Nicholas tugging on me while I was mixing the food colouring into the water meant mine came out very blotchy!). I mashed the yolk with a little mayonnaise and a pinch of mild curry powder before spooning it back in.

Cute Lunches: Easter Chicks

It’s almost Easter and I haven’t used my cute chick cutter yet. Until today!

Cute Lunch: Easter Chicks

There are lots of hard-boiled egg chicks on Pinterest to take inspiration from. Cutting off the top in the zig-zag pattern is actually much easier than I thought (use a sharp knife, don’t cut too deep and gently prise the top piece off). I used a small semi-circle of carrot for its beak and two small squares of cucumber for its eyes.

My chick cutter doesn’t work that well on seeded bread, so the chick features on the ham and cheese sandwiches are a little difficult to see. Easier to see on the sliced cheese, but rather difficult to peel the cheese off after pressing.

The Easter eggs are cheddar cheese with pieces of carrot to decorate.

Everything is on a bed of shredded lettuce.