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Back to school

It’s ‘back to school’ time for many families and after the summer holidays it can be difficult getting back into a routine. To make sending your munchkins out the door with some good food in their bellies a little easier, I wanted to remind you of some ideas I came up with for Mindful Mum last year.

My favourite is still the sunny bread. Click on the photo to see my other ideas.

Back to school breakfasts

What’s your favourite school day breakfast for you and your family?

Happy 2013 (and how to use up Christmas candy canes)

During our lovely long and sunny holiday on the other side of the world, I enjoyed being relatively technology free. Forgive me if it takes me a little while to get back into the swing of things. Going from hot days at the beach to waking up this morning to a fine layer of snow is difficult!

If, like me, you’re struggling to go back to your routine, why not hold on to some Christmas cheer for just a bit more by making my Christmas candy cane balls. You probably have some candy canes left over and these are a great way to use them up (and they taste yummy too, even if I do say so myself!). There’s no cooking involved, have only three main ingredients (plus some coconut for rolling them in) and kids will love bashing up the candy canes.

Candy cane balls

My recipe is over at Mindful Mum.

Mini vegetable pakoras

Pakoras were my inspiration for these golden vegetable nuggets. You can use almost any vegetable you like and make them as mild or as spicy as you like. See if you or your little ones can resist them!

My recipe is over at Mindful Mum.

Sweet potato jack-o-lantern pancakes

Their faces are quite mean, but Nicholas loves growling at them!

These jack-o-lantern pancakes are full of sweet potato goodness with chocolate drop features, however you could use raisins to make the faces and then they’d be completely sugar-free. Head over to Mindful Mum to see how you can make them.

Chocolate cheesecake slice

To celebrate National Chocolate Week (there’s a week or day for everything, isn’t there?) I’m sharing one of my favourite and oldest baking recipes on Mindful Mum. It’s also anticipating National Baking Week next week (I kid you not!). This slice never fails to please, and combines the richness of brownies with the tanginess of cheesecake (what more could you ask for?!).

Head over to Mindful Mum for the recipe.

Shaggy bear cupcakes

My shaggy bear cupcakes would be perfect for a teddy bears’ picnic and are super easy to decorate. Why not get your munchkins involved, leaving you to eat them?

The recipe and all the directions are over on Mindful Mum.

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Back to school breakfasts

Here are a couple of teaser photos of my fun breakfast ideas over on Mindful Mum.